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Wedding Villa Preparation Tenants Should Do


Mar 17, 2022 #Bali villa wedding
Bali villa weddingWedding Villa Preparation Tenants Should Do

Planning a perfect marriage celebration is not only limited to what you can see. It is true since the behind the scene preparation regarding the venue will take more than just a glance. In this case, let’s talk about Bali villa wedding preparation. Whether you are a foreigner or a locals, be sure to do the following preparation checklist before sealing the deal.

Venue Preparation You Need To Do

1. Get The Quote

There are times that the quote mentioned by the management is not the real one. In this case, you are bound to consider the minimum cost and not pay any attention to the possible increase. So, it is better to get an accurate rate with a full breakdown. Consider every factor such as the guest count, the duration, time, and many more.

2. Determine The Capacity

To help get the best quote, you can determine the capacity of the venue. In many cases, this information only states the total number of people. But, are they a sitting or standing room capacity? Remember that the venue capacity can change depending on varying factors, including the decoration. So you can ask the minimum or maximum headcount for a Bali villa wedding.

3. Talk Details About The Food

Since you are holding the special day in Bali, be open and serious about any restriction. Alcohol and food restrictions in the land of Bali can be a little bit picky. At some point, you also need to consider the liquor license and permission. Do the same with the food or catering vendor. You can ask about the rules and restrictions to avoid the problem.

4. Confirm Coordination Services

Services are the key to party success. So, you can ask whether the venue also includes the coordination services or not. In this case, the services can come in the form of coordinator and planner. Using these services can help you a lot in the preparation and further details. However, you can also opt for the option to cut down some budget.

5. Explore The Options

Don’t hesitate to ask or explore more options for the services. Bali villa wedding can offer you different packages and also location. It can affect the budget as well as the planning. For example, you can hold the ceremony and reception on the same site, get a discount for the accommodation, or you have to work with more spaces for the party.

Preparing the venue to the fullest will be turned into a meaningful event. Especially if you want to the held eloping ceremony in Villa wedding. There are many to consider, such as quotes, capacity, food details, services, and options. It will be easier to execute the perfect wedding dream with The Surga Villa Estate.

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