Oversized tops

Women's top is universal clothing, firmly established in the basic wardrobe and not losing its relevance. In each new season, designers offer original styles, use traditional and non-standard materials and their combinations to create comfortable and sophisticated models. Women's top can be easily combined with clothes of any style: a business suit, jeans, long and short skirts, sweatpants and evening toilets, allowing you to create both casual business, sports, and festive looks. Therefore, it is desirable for each girl to have several models in the closet for all occasions, ordinary and special ones.

The oversized top, which is loved by women and designers, is considered by many to be an overly baggy thing that hides the beauty of the figure. With the right selection, it will be not only comfortable but also a stylish addition to the wardrobe.

Oversized tops

The model easily becomes part of classic, vintage sets. Avant-garde looks will not do without it, and some masterfully introduce a voluminous sweater into classic sets. Itís worth a little effort to create a brutal or romantic, delicate look with a practical new look.

Few people know that a thing began to be actively used only two centuries ago. At the same time, it was introduced exclusively into sports kits. The thing was to help to fight the problem of obesity. A rather unpopular product attracted the talented Coco Chanel. Her efforts on the catwalks made warm tops to appear. Warm wool, delicate angora, and well-known acrylic were used in the production process.

In fact, pullovers and wide women's tops have significant differences. These characteristics are well known to designers, and fashionistas should get acquainted with them in order to choose the right news.

The volume of the item is emphasized by a collar, a free bottom. Interest in original, attractive models that obviously look beyond the shoulder of women came to designer shows not so long ago. The oversize rule is a violation of the rules because all products are sewn a couple of sizes larger than expected. Such clothes are ideal for girls who want to hide their imperfections. At the same time, it is important that the look remains feminine, sophisticated, and does not turn into a shapeless mass. The oversize top suits tall, slender fashionistas, whose figure do not differ in curvaceous forms. A large thing allows you to focus on the hips, legs, the upper part will become more mysterious. A variety of styles allows you to hide your hands or vice versa, flaunt them, rolling up your sleeves. It is better for girls of short stature to refuse to purchase oversize products - the image will turn out to be too wide, squat. This season, the oversize top is gaining more and more popularity. This is due to some advantages of the style - the ability to hide any problem areas of the figure. The product is in harmony with other clothes. If the figure allows, you must definitely buy high knee-high socks, shoes on the platform are a great addition to the look, emphasizing slender, beautiful legs.