White summer shorts

Shorts in a female image are designed to demonstrate beautiful legs and sexuality. Not so long ago, this clothing was considered a part of a purely male wardrobe and was not popular among the fair sex. But the designers did their best, turning women's shorts into a trendy little thing, which must be in the arsenal of every fashionista. Women's shorts replenished new collections of famous brands and quickly won the hearts of fashionistas. The palm of the championship was given to jeans models that perfectly complement the romantic, sports or club look. These shorts can be combined with a light blouse, voluminous T-shirt or shirt. Due to the variety of styles, choosing stylish women's denim shorts will not be a problem.

White shorts for the summer are not only women's favorites. After all, such clothing refreshes, “repels” the sun's rays, and plus looks favorable against the background of a tanned body. For the image to be harmonious, you just need to know the little tricks of choosing clothes and accessories.

White summer shorts

Before wearing white shorts, you need to remember the property of this color to visually increase the proportions of the figure. This is not a reason to abandon this element of the wardrobe, just choose the right fit and short length.

When choosing a color gamut of an image with white shorts, you can use such a simple way of selection. When you wear a blouse, T-shirt or shirt with white shorts, look at yourself in the mirror. If you see a combination (just a combination!) of colors, then this is a good choice. When one color absorbs another and one thing catches your eye, it is better to look at other options.

For example, white shorts and a burgundy top will look much worse than with a bright red or carrot-red top. So you are definitely not mistaken when choosing a wardrobe element.

White shorts have a great number of beneficial combinations. At the same time, you can create not only a casual look but also a business, romantic and elegant one.

It is interesting to combine white shorts with t-shirts of different cuts. You can choose any of them - from bright to calm tones, with or without a print. From shoes for every day, heeled sandals, flat sandals, and sneakers will be appropriate. Sports shoes are very favorably combined with white denim shorts.

It can also be combined with a variety of floral or checked shirts. You can choose fitted and loose, with a short sleeve or no sleeve at all. When choosing shoes and accessories, the main thing is not to violate the general and design of the wardrobe. For example, adding heels and a small handbag to the image, you can get an elegant, feminine look. But ballet shoes and a capacious bag made of textiles with the same shorts will create a casual style.

For a romantic look, you need to choose the top of pastel colors - peach, light pink, cream. It turns out gently and romantically. The same effect can be obtained by wearing a blouse with frill or a blouse with a false collar, also in delicate shades. In such clothes, you can safely go on a date or a walk. For a romantic look, small pendants and earrings, shoes or a wedge heel, or a small heel are suitable.