Coral shoes

Women's shoes are an integral part of any image. A correctly selected pair will help to harmoniously complete the look, focus on beautiful legs, and also demonstrate the owner’s impeccable taste. Designers in every possible way try to surprise, offering many interesting models, experimenting with colors and textures. Nevertheless, choosing shoes, women, first of all, prefer comfort, and then decorative design. Unlike men’s shoes, women's shoes surprise with a variety of models. At the same time, stylists assure that it is not necessary to buy everything - there are several types of shoes that should be in the wardrobe of any fashionista.

Coral shoes are the perfect solution for the summer. They look good with flying silhouettes and delicate fabrics. With them, you can combine bright saturated colors, floral patterns, as well as make solid and colorful looks. Their peculiarity is the ability to bring tenderness and sensuality into the general mood of the ensemble.

Coral shoes

The color is very delicate, and ideal for creating a romantic look. There is only one exception: a poisonous-acid shade in combination with varnished material. Catchy and defiant, it will be an ideal base for a club or outrageous look. Women can try to beat the tone and dressed up in the Barbie style. Moreover, in its traditional view, this is characterized by an abundance of pink.

Others suitable colors for coral one:

• coral shoes with a blue half-furred;

• white

• green;

• sand;

• gray and gray pink;

• Violet;

• blue;

• blue and aquamarine;

• peach;

• pastel shades.

A dubious option for the combination is red. Coral against its background may be lost. However, in summer looks and evening dresses, with the right shade of red, coral is still acceptable.

Another controversial combination: a set of shoes and clothes exclusively faded. If you like bright ensembles, just replace one piece of clothing with a similar item in white. On the rest of the background, it will become a "bright" flash.

For the office, buy stiletto shoes, D’orse or a pair with a small stiletto heel, a pointed nose and a thin strap around the ankle. The hue should be neutral, clean - without impurities of pink. Under a trouser suit, put on a model with a thick and moderately high heel. Suede shoes and leatherette sandals will fit into a romantic look.

Talking about tights, the choice is limited: they must be bodily. Without lurex and other decorative elements that can interrupt the effect of natural naturalness. Well, if the weather and clothes allow, then you should completely abandon the Capron and put on your shoes on your barefoot.

One more variant is to combine the dress with the coral shoes. As for the dresses, a plain-colored model of coral, pink, yellow or orange will definitely be appropriate, and from accessories a bag of light pastel shade, golden or white with a coral pattern. You can also look at the wardrobe item in a deep blue or purple hue. In this case, not only dresses but also jumpsuits are suitable.