Fur hats

In the past a lady could not afford to appear in society without a hat, today etiquette does not require the presence of such an accessory. Why are we all the same happy to wear hats? They protect our face from the sun, preserving youth and freshness of the skin. And such an accessory is a stylish touch in any look. After all, the hat today is one of the hottest trends. Each model is an original interpretation of the leading fashion trends. The collections contain all the hottest new products and timeless classics. Fashionistas are usually interested in the hats, all of them are elegant, stylish and perfect. Hats add femaleness and make the owners more beautiful.

For a long time, fur was considered a status, today few can afford expensive clothes made of natural fur. In any case, fur hats must be in the wardrobe of modern beauty, because this is not only a way to keep warm, but also the complement of the image with an original detail, which is quite difficult to do in winter.

Fur hats

How to choose a hat?

If you are not a wholesale buyer and do not intend to purchase fur hats in bulk, then it is best to go to a specialized store of fur products to buy, there you can try on and touch the goods. It should also be remembered that if a hat is selected for a certain thing - for example, a fur coat, then, first of all, you need to pay attention to the origin and color of the fur. It is preferable to take the same material and choose the color as accurately as possible so that things do not dissonant among themselves.

The tone of the fur is suitable for complexion - on pale red and blonde girls, the white hat does not look very good and emphasizes the skin reddened from frost. As for the model, here fur hats are quite democratic, only the general rule applies - the larger the person, the smaller the hat should be: a fashionable hooligan hat with earflaps is categorically not recommended for people with large facial features. And, of course, the hat must be stitched in a quality manner - glued-in items, not stitched seams or creeping threads are inadmissible. It is also better to avoid models with seams outside, due to which fur is puffing and crawling out. Do not forget about the lining - it should not "press" on the head and stretch, but it should not be taken looser than necessary.

What to wear a fur hat with?

Fortunately, winter, even for most fashionistas, is a conservative and democratic time, but this does not mean at all that you can abandon yourself and walk in a plain-looking or incompatible colors. Even fur hats, despite the fact that they are well suited to almost any winter outerwear, can look ridiculous and comical on the owners, if you forget about a few simple rules.

The owners of a beautiful long fur coat are incredibly lucky - this is the most winning option for combining with almost any hat, in addition, in this outfit, no frosts are scary., here you also need to take into account the features of the model - an earflaps, for example, can go well with almost anything if it is supplemented with a “winter” bag of fur, leather or suede to match, however, with a good sheepskin coat such a bag can be completely neglected. But people who prefer to constantly wear business suits cannot do without the classic model since any other fur hats can simply spoil their image with their originality. But there is nothing to be afraid of youth in this regard - funny big earflaps can be supplemented with ugg boots in tone and be in the trend of a big city.